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Our Biofield Tuning Clinic in Burlington, Vermont is the first of its kind, offering in-person and audio sessions with Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners.  The fast and easy way to access Biofield Tuning wherever you are.

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  • 60 Minute In-Person Session $80
    Meet with one of our certified Biofield Tuning practitioners to experience the profound effects of our sound therapy method. The biofeedback produced by the pure tones of tuning forks helps the body relax and breathe more deeply.

  • 60 Minute Audio Session $80
    Can't make it into our office? One of our practitioners can work with you remotely via an audio call.

  • 90 Minute In-Person Sonic Merdian Flush $120
    Like a massage for your energy field, this treatment focuses directly on the body while a client is fully clothed. Clients enjoy a deep state of relaxation and calm with lasting effects afterwards.

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1 Main Street, Suite 212 and 214, Burlington, VT, 05401


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